November 16, 2018

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If you want to grow…

…it all starts with the right mindset. Your head needs to be in the game before you even step foot in the gym. On any day I’m thinking about my workout from the time I get up in the morning. I’m thinking about how I’m going to optimize my performance that day. I carefully consider and prepare my meals to make sure I’ll have taken adequate calories for energy, yet not too many to make me sluggish.

I consider the timing needed for my meals (I actually plan my meals out the day before in accordance with my daily schedule and workout time for the following day).

Inside one hour of your workout you shouldn’t be thinking about anything but moving some damn weight! If you are, then stay home! Don’t waste your time, because you’re probably just going to be getting in my way in the gym. When I walk into the gym I’m ready to wage war on my own body. I’m ready to get out of my comfort zone and I know that my partner is going to help me do just that! Every day you step foot in the gym you’re given an opportunity to improve your physique! Don’t F***ing waste it!!!

Forget your job, your friends, your significant other or anything else in your life and just concern yourself with moving iron. I find it helpful to induce myself into a psychotic mindset before a workout (especially leg workouts). I become a different person with capability of destruction and no fear of pain or unknown boundaries. I do whatever I must to get myself in this state of mind, because when I’m there I achieve great things in the gym and I can leave proud of myself at the end. Find whatever works for you. I like to blast music (Disturbed, Slipknot, Tool, Pantera, etc) in the car on the way to the gym. Avoid anything that’s going to take your focus away from your workout. An hour before your workout is not the time to have a discussion with your girlfriend/boyfriend about relationship issues, unless it’s going to make you angry and move more weight. Anger can be used effectively in the gym if you can harness it and channel the energy to help you with the task at hand. Bottom line: for the hour and a half (or whatever it be) that you spend in the gym, spend it well. Don’t talk to anybody, don’t look at members of the opposite sex, don’t think about any other part of your day … just focus on the moment and what you’re doing to make yourself better.


Just wanted to take a minute and address the large group of people who have continually looked for every opportunity to put me down in anyway possible over the years. Accusing me of using drugs…Anytime anyone attains something greater than what you’re capable of you have to accuse them of cheating, because you’re too insecure to accept that it can be done and you’re too afraid to push yourself to the same level…you’re afraid of getting out of your comfort zone…you’re afraid that you might not be that good…you’re afraid of failure….

I’m sorry you’re so pathetic that you find the time to sit around and cut down on others who are working to better themselves and challenge themselves EVERY FUCKING DAY!!! Let me tell you something, drugs don’t replace hard work, discipline, or the willingness to make sacrifices!


I welcome any of you MOTHERFUCKERS to come see what my world is like! Come join me for a 58 set leg workout and see how long you can hang!!! While you’re puking your guts half way through (if you make it that far), I’ll be adding weight to the bar and doing another set, while I laugh at your sorry ass! Then we’ll see how much you have to say. What’s the excuse going to be then???

For those of you who like to sit around and criticize every little thing you can (and I don’t mean in a constructive manner)… Nobody is more critical of me than me! I don’t need anyone blowing sunshine up my ass, I want the truth!

I never claimed to be a great bodybuilder…nothing more than average in fact, but I can’t stand the little pussies who hide behind their computer and write shit about how my physique sucks, my exercise form is wrong, etc…meanwhile these fucking idiots have barely ever broken a sweat in gym and they have never stepped foot onstage. They read a couple articles in Muscle & Fitness and now they’re experts. Yet you won’t see them posting any pictures or videos of themselves. They don’t want you to see them, but they’re very comfortable going on message boards and criticizing everyone else.



You motivate me to train even harder!!!


As the days of your off-season begin to dwindle away and the next contest season approaches, you feel increasing amount of pressure to make gains, strive for new short term goals and notice visible and measurable improvements. Unlike others, you’re not foolish enough to believe the crap they brainwash young kids with these days to make them feel better about themselves when they fail.

Let me give you the cold hard truth about life:


The fact that you tried is not enough! Sometimes even your best effort will result in failure! You need to figure out how to do better!

Most importantly, NOT EVERYONE IS A WINNER!!!

Actually there are quite a few losers, and often we have to lose before we figure out how to win. If winning didn’t matter, we wouldn’t bother competing! Life is a zero sum game. The group of people who get to enjoy the feeling of victory is far smaller than the group of people who come up short. It takes a special kind of person to overcome obstacles and excel to where they can win. Persistence, Determination, Desire, Passion… these are the characteristics embodied by a winner.

So don’t just ask yourself whether or not you want to win or lose. Everyone wants to win, but the choice isn’t that simple. How often do you set goals for yourself? How often do you think about those goals? What did you do yesterday to attain success at reaching your goals? What did you do today that will allow you to reach those goals? What have you sacrificed that others won’t? What are you going to do that will make YOU be a winner tomorrow?

Being a winner is about being different from the rest of the herd that follows along. For them, there is no big picture…they live day to day with no meaning and some get slaughtered and eaten before they were even able to question why they are here.

How are you going to make your mark? What is your purpose? If you died tomorrow, would anyone remember you? How have you lived your life? If you’ve been around long enough to face reality, you know life can be brutal, hard and unfair. The question is how are you going to respond. Are you going to sit on the sidelines, whine and make excuses for why you couldn’t succeed? …or are you going to grab life by the balls, be a leader, choose your destiny and go after your dreams with a F***ing vengeance!!!

The choice is yours.


Your day starts and ends in solitude… Your mind focuses on every detail of the day ahead of you while also reflecting on the accomplishments of the day concluded. Each thought during this time invokes actions to be taken…each action is another block being placed in the mighty pyramid that you build one day at a time.

There is no limit to how much time you’re willing to spend…how many resources you’re willing allocate…how much pain you’re willing to endure…how many battles you’re willing to fight…how much energy you’re willing to expend…and lastly how much you’re willing to sacrifice…to see it through…to give it everything you have in order to present a finished product worthy of your satisfaction.

Value cannot be set on this and the price you paid is not measureable…all you know is that in the end you gave everything you had and nothing could have made the outcome better…even more, it was worth it, but only you can appreciate why that is,…because only you know what you did to get there.

That is why you find the solitude so comforting. This is not about anyone else. This is about your hierarchy of needs. This is about self-actualization. You recognize your ability to become something more and you cannot live with not making it a reality. You don’t need to justify it.

Life is an opportunity.

You are simply doing everything you can to take advantage of that opportunity, because you don’t know when it might get taken away from you!


Everyday I get up it’s time to punch the clock…there’s work to be done and I must earn my place. I have a vision in head…a goal…a dream, but I’m not going to just get there without doing something. Everything I do every second of every day…every meal, every set and every rep of every workout…every hour of rest…every minute of posing…it all matters. It’s all part of the big picture.

For 26 weeks I am focused on every little detail that might make me better when I walk onstage. My competitors are out there somewhere…they’re probably training hard…I will train harder…they’re probably keeping their diet very clean…I will keep mine cleaner…they’re probably practicing their posing…I will practice mine more often and longer.

I will not be outdone! Achievement is born from opportunity, but from there I must be willing to make sacrifices and get out of my comfort zone. This willingness to make sacrifices combined with the drive for perfection is what will allow for me to attain excellence and turn my dreams into reality!!!


You have embarked on a journey that few would understand or even want to be a part of. Ahead of you lies a long hard road filled with obstacles that will try to test your desire, motivation and spirit. Best part, this road is optional and you chose it. Always remember why you chose it…Because you can! You will always be and always have been more than just another average individual, living an ordinary life. This path you chose enables you to test the very limits of yourself to remind yourself that YOU ARE ALIVE!!!

Your ability to take this path and not falter where others would, inspires those who want to dream and motivates them to have a purpose. To them, you are more than human, but for you…it’s the only way to live. Every day you wake, you think about what you need to do to reach your goal. You never consider any reason that you won’t succeed. You never believe that anything can get in your way or stop you. All you see is the path, your goal and the space in between. Today and everyday the actions you take narrow that space.

2005 Journal Entries

The following were pieces written during the 2005 contest season. I would sometimes put some thoughts down before going to the gym just to help myself remember why I was going.

Leg Day

Choose a path that few are willing to follow and even fewer are able to follow. You’ve already set the standard for your physique in your mind … now you must follow through with hard work to attain that standard. Every day is gameday in this sport and you need to show up ready to make some sacrifices.

Inside your mind there are two individuals…. One who is afraid, has doubt and does not believe in great things. F*** that! Destroy that individual! Never let him appear or make an impact! The other individual in your mind believes anything can be achieved … is never afraid… and has no doubt…. Today and everyday you must listen to and be that person…. That individual in your mind will lead you to your success!!!

It’s Leg Day!!!

It’s Leg Day!!!

6.5 weeks left until the first competition…

That means a limited number of opportunities to a attain a new standard for you physique when you step onstage…

That means what seemed like a hard workout last week won’t compare to what you’’ do this week…

That means only 12 leg workouts left to bring out the separation, striations and vascularity that no one else will be able to match…

That means today when you walk out of the gym at the end of your workout, you’ll know no one else could have possibly worked harder than you did today!

That means you are going to to take every measure possible over the course of the next 2 hours and the next 2 months to make yourself look like a f***ing freakshow!

Pain is a necessary component of sacrifice, which is the barrier between mediocrity and excellence!!!

Your willingness to endure that pain is a weapon in a battle to defy the limits of your own body!

No Excuses! No Fear!

No F***ing Limits!!!

2.5 weeks left!

2.5 weeks left!

Only 4 leg workouts left before you hit the stage! The opportunities to make an impact on your physique are becoming more and more limited by the day!

For over 13 weeks you’ve trained your a** off and have not been afraid to make sacrifices.

Why stop now?

This is when some of your competitors are getting tired and have just started going through the motions. They are just counting down hoping that the last few weeks will just magically make them tighter. Their willpower is not as strong as yours…they are thinking about food…their workouts lack the necessary intensity…

Not You … You are different

Because in the closing moments you are ready to take it to yet another level that no one else can even fathom.

Somehow, someway you will find a way to train even harder in these last weeks.

Think back to when you first approached this contest season…

Think about the goals you set for yourself…

Are you going to conquer them … or are you going to concede?

If you concede now, all you’re left with is excuses…

It’s time to go full throttle! Train your f***ing a** off for 2 more weeks, because you won’t forgive yourself if you don’t! The time will pass, the pain is temporary, but what you’re left to remember afterwards will stay with you forever!