Hardcore Natural Bodybuilding
Front Bicep Pose

What is that you might ask...

It’s about challenging the limits of the human body. It is a natural human instinct to test the limits in any endeavor ... climbing mountains, running marathons, triathalons, racing cars at ridiculous speeds while maintaining control ... the list goes on ... I choose to challenge myself with bodybuilding.

I have always had a fascination with the ability to manipulate my own physique and to do so without using illegal performance enhancing drugs. My lifelong challenge is to see how far I can take my physique, ... maximizing muscle mass, shape, definition and symmetry while minimizing subcutaneous fat and water to look as close to perfect as possible for a single day ... an event in which I am compared to others trying to do the same thing.

Everyday leading up to that event the actions I take bring me closer to my goal. In each 24 hour period I am focused on every detail ... every hour of sleep, every meal, every workout, every posing session ... it’s all part of the bigger picture even if my next show is a year away. The package I present when I step onstage is the culmination of all those things. Discipline, focus and sacrifice to be your absolute best for one day ... that’s hardcore natural bodybuilding.


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